-Joy Anne Story-
JOY ANNE signifies Happiness & Gratitude to our Mother Nature.


The abundance of local natural herbs inspired our founder, Anne Wong created various  of bio-herbs products that cater public’s general health and well-being. Together with team of herbalist and university researchers, they spent many fruitful hours doing research and development of our products that resulting the birth of Joy Anne Bioherbs in November 2013.

We are committed to use all natural ingredients of herbs and plants, particularly those possessing the most efficacious and therapeutic properties. We believe that it should be applied into life, taking into consideration diverse needs as well as environmental conditions. This has led to the success of our products enabling all of us to embrace in all things in natural.

Our Company's philosophy, “Passion for Nature” that enables us to embark on a meaningful journey of health and wellness in the natural world.

  • Be Mesmerized

  • Be Nurtured

  • Be nourished

  • Be The One To Embrace In The Richness Of All Things Natural